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Friday, October 20, 2017

Bespoke Careers Menu

Careers Menu can offer a range of customisation options to integrate thrid-party content and to provide you with our "My School" functionality, allogin your school to have a unique, branded instance of Careers Menu. Not sure about what options are best for your organisation? Then let us help guide you through.

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Online Products

We can further enhance the service you  provide to your students by incorporating the products shown below into Careers Menu. (see Pricing for more details): 

These products and online applications fit seamlessly into Careers Menu.  Students can also login to Kudos, Kudos Inspire, Launchpad  and Careerscape from inside Careers Menu without a separate username or password -– they simply login to Careers Menu to access the CASCAiD products your school has purchased.     

You can choose to add individual products to Careers Menu or go for one of the following package options:

Package A:     Careers Menu, Careerscape and Kudos                                                    

Package B:     Careers Menu and Fast Tomato                                                                 

Package C:     Careers Menu, Job Exploration Database and Higher Ideas                      

Package D:     Careers Menu, Launchpad, Careerscape and Kudos                                

Package E:     Careers Menu, Careerscape and Kudos Inspire                                        

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My School Module

This enhanced version of Careers Menu contains a number of additional features:

School Branding       

Your branding is added to emphasise the school’s logo and corporate identity.

School Bulletin

You can create and manage your own  School Careers Bulletin.   You  can paste information about events, careers interviews, vacancies etc  into the Bulletin and  and communicate directly with students, teachers and parents.  

Links from your VLE or Website

Placing our Careers Menu button on your VLE/moodle and school website allows students, teachers and parents to access Career Menu both in and outside school.

Local Content

You will probably want your students to have easy access to local websites and online resources.  These can be integrated and embedded into Careers Menu.  As a result, students have direct access to local careers advice and information.



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