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Friday, October 20, 2017


Careers Menu helps students undertake self-evaluation as well as explore careers progression routes.

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Parents always want the best for their children and this includes supporting them to make choices at 14, 16 and 18 and throughout their early careers.    In the current climate with anxiety about university fees and uncertainty about the status of particular qualifications and progression routes, it is important that parents have access to the right tools to help them understand the options available to their children both in and out of school/college.

Careers Menu provides parents with a  bespoke framework of questions and resources to help them support their son/daughter.  They can  research all of the key issues  - career decisions, qualifications, option choices, apprenticeships, A Level results, university and finance.


The questions guide parents to the most appropriate online resources and applications. 

Career Tools

Students can use Careers Menu to access more than 200 web-based resources and interactive tools.  The signposting takes them to the most appropriate page of a website or to an online product provided by companies such as Careersoft, CASCAiD, and Morrisby.

Your students can then explore and use the following resources and tools: questionnaires, quizzes, profiling and games to support self-evaluation; career action planning and portfolios; detailed and up-to-date information on thousands of career titles; multi-media occupational profiles; salary and labour market information; over 1,000 in-depth articles; over 1,000 high quality videos; real-life case study interviews with people about their jobs; career matching tools and a range of pathfinder tools and route maps.


Using Careers Menu

With a brand new look, streamlined navigation and enhanced features, the new version of Careers Menu has been specifically designed to engage young people in planning their future.  It is simple to use and we’ve made it easy for young people to find their way around.

The signposting  focuses  the student’s attention on the key questions.  There are four generic questions prioritising  self-evaluation and a further five questions linking to different progression routes.    Students click on the questions to access the most appropriate online resources and applications.



Framework and resources

Careers Menu brings together in one place all of the online careers resources your students will need. Each of these resources has been carefully selected to ensure your students can access the information they need to start making decisions about their future. With links to more than 50 of the best websites and over 200 resources  to choose from, students  are able to interact with a media rich environment.

We can further enhance the service you provide to your students by incorporating the products shown below into Careers Menu.  


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