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Friday, October 20, 2017

Technical FAQs

Our products require connection to the internet and they are designed to run on computer networks, individual machines, and laptops..

We offer technical support for all our customers. Our helpline is available between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays). Sometimes despite everyone's best efforts problems can arise.   Below are our most commonly asked technical support questions. However, if you cannot find the answer to your query here, please submit a support ticket in our helpdesk.    One of our support team members will be happy to help you.

Support FAQs

Q. Are the sites kept up-to-date?

We update the sites regularly and always welcome your suggestions about what should go on them. We also welcome the opportunity to come into schools and colleges to see the site being used by young people and find out whether it is as user-friendly as it should be.

Q. What about access to computers?

The ratio of computers to students varies from school to school. Planning access is therefore important. An increasingly common approach is for schools to use their ICT staff to deliver the initial set up to ensure all students have technical access.

Q. Which version of Flash Player do I need?

Careers Menu does not use Flash. However certain resources we link to may do so. We recommend always updating to the latest version of Flash at Please note that if you use the Google Chrome browser, the Flash player is directly integrated with Google Chrome and enabled by default. Available updates for Adobe Flash Player are automatically included in updates for your Chrome browser.

Q. What about mobile delivery?

Careers Menu uses HTML5 and is compliant on all mobile and desktop browsers using the HTMLS5 standard. CareersMenu has been designed to be very easy to use with a mouse/keyboard driven device or touchscreen. However, certain resources we link to may not have fully mobile-compliant websites.

Q. Why do the videos keep buffering?

Check your internet connection  If users are sharing the same connection, we recommend no more than two users viewing videos per 1Mb of connection –

Q. Why am I not seeing the pdf files?

The pdf files require an external plugin to view. Visit However, if using the Chrome Browser there are known issues when using the Adobe pdf plugin rather than the built in Chrom pdf plugin. We recommend disabling the Adobe version and using the default Chrome version.


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